Suppliers to trade, businesses and advertising agencies

Whether you are a company, a trader, or an advertising agency – all kinds of enterprises have expressed interest in a broad range of applications for the ZERO TOXIC WRITING SYSTEM. If you approach us with your requirements, we will work with you to find the optimal solution!


Personal consultation

In order to show you our innovative technology and demonstrate its benefits, we can offer several types of consultation. Through such personal contact, we can establish your precise needs and then come back to you with our supply options. We will answer all enquiries promptly, and will contact you direct to discuss your request.

Success via exclusive innovation

Ask about our partnership opportunities! Make sure you have the chance to be there tomorrow when the entire industry is chasing this innovation.

Advice and Supply Sources

European and International:

CH- 3250 Lyss

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REACH compliant
High-level writing comfort
High-quality writing performance
Eco-friendly with no
    heavy metals (99.9%)

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CH - 3250 Lyss
  +41 (0)32 386 77 80