Eco-friendly giveaways as a proclamation

Advertising is essential for a company to connect with existing customers and also to attract new customers. Distributing promotional items – the so-called giveaways – is an effective means of achieving these aims. By giving away our ZERO TOXIC WRITING SYSTEM, your company demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.


Giveaways with high added value

A ballpoint pen is the classic giveaway and is often supplied with delivered goods, alongside flyers and leaflets, as a small gift to existing customers.

Demonstrate your company's philosophy through your choice of promotional material and include an eco-friendly pen, such as the ZERO TOXIC WRITING SYSTEM. All the practical advantages of a high-quality ballpoint pen are combined in this innovative writing instrument which is both environment-friendly and designed for sustained use. And thanks to its long lifespan and refill feature, it will be much easier to develop a long-term relationship with your target audience over the life of the product.

Advertising material which is easily personalised

The surface of our ballpoint pen is designed so that it can be printed using conventional methods. This makes it easy for your company to add the company logo, a company name and perhaps some wording. Thus individual designs can be created and then distributed as giveaways. To make this personalisation of advertising material even easier, we offer a choice of colours and materials for the barrel.


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REACH compliant
High-level writing comfort
High-quality writing performance
Eco-friendly with no
    heavy metals (99.9%)

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