Custom product choices

With or without a cap, in a choice of discrete or vibrant colours – the ZERO TOXIC WRITING SYSTEM is available to you in a range of different shapes and colours. You decide which version of our eco-friendly ballpoint pen is best for you, and we will supply what you need.


A diverse selection of colour- and trim options

A ballpoint pen need not be boring and monotonous; our writing system offers different colours and features you can choose according to your needs. Which is the best colour for your business? Would you like to distribute a pen fitted with a practical cap to your employees or customers? We are happy to help you select a suitable model from our range! All features are offered in combination with the ZERO TOXIC WRITING SYSTEM.

Our eco-friendly writing system as a promotional item

The eco-friendly ZERO TOXIC WRITING SYSTEM is an ideal promotional product for businesses committed to sustainability and environmental protection. Customers, and prospective customers, will consider our pens as high-quality products which add value to their everyday lives. The impressive writing experience and high-quality results they achieve will also promote positive emotions, thus boosting the company's image whilst emphasising its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

Surprise your customers with a high-quality, sustainable promotional item and distance yourself from run-of-the mill giveaways! If required, our pens can be inscribed with your company name or logo as an ideal giveaway for your next marketing campaign, trade show or company event.


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REACH compliant
High-level writing comfort
High-quality writing performance
Eco-friendly with no
    heavy metals (99.9%)

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