New technology has revolutionised the manufacture of pens

The innovative ZERO TOXIC WRITING SYSTEM, which for the first time ever completely avoids the use of soft metals such as lead in the manufacturing process, has revolutionised the world of pen-manufacturing. Until now, soft metals were used during production to facilitate moulding of the writing point for ballpoint pens.


Lead-free processing thanks to new technology

We have been involved in the manufacture and development of office supplies for 20 years, and helped to develop the ZERO TOXIC WRITING SYSTEM as a world first. The unique feature of this system is the use of a high-tech plastic writing tip which replaces the normal soft metal. Thanks to our high-precision plastic technology, it is now feasible for us to produce lead-free writing systems. Our production process meets all criteria stipulated in the EU's strict, forward-looking REACH registration for product manufacture. Alongside our new materials and technology, our eco-friendly writing system also offers all the benefits you would expect from a high-quality pen.


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REACH compliant
High-level writing comfort
High-quality writing performance
Eco-friendly with no
    heavy metals (99.9%)

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