Focus on Environmental Protection

The use of lead and other heavy metals in products and manufacturing is a major threat to our environment. The problem is not just the eventual disposal of waste, but also the extraction of raw materials. That's why we have developed our new ZERO TOXIC WRITING SYSTEM technology which uses no lead or heavy metals. This is our contribution to environmental protection.


Lead: the environmental impact

Until now, pens have used a writing tip made from lead and heavy metals because this was the only material hard enough to withstand daily use. Last year, for example, some 20,000 tons of lead and heavy metals were used as raw materials to produce 130 billion pens – for 2014 alone. This represents a potentially massive environmental impact: not only is the mining of raw materials harmful to the natural world – a significant proportion of these toxic raw materials will return to the environment via the municipal waste stream where they must then be disposed of as hazardous material!

Benefits of lead-free ballpoint pen refills

Our new technology is based on a complex process which creates a plastic refill giving maximum writing comfort and an exceptional quality of writing. Using plastic material for the refill cartridges benefits the environment in several ways: The mining of metals is no longer necessary, which avoids the difficulty of disposing of lead and heavy metals. As a result, our environmental resources are preserved, the sustainability of our innovative pen is enhanced, and that's without mentioning its exceptional writing comfort.


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REACH compliant
High-level writing comfort
High-quality writing performance
Eco-friendly with no
    heavy metals (99.9%)

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